Campus Use File (CUF)

A Campus Use File (CUF) provides data for teaching and practice purposes. The data sets are highly anonymous. Usually the analysis potential of a CUF is lower than that of a Scientific Use File (SUF). They should not be used for publication purposes.

Data acquisition during the research process

The process accompanying data acquisition over the entire course of a research project divides the data transfer into smaller units. The transfer of the units takes place optimally close to the time of creation. This prevents loss of information, distributes the effort to the most suitable points in time and thus minimizes the additional effort for documentation and data transfer. For example, certain metadata can be transferred at an early stage.

Graduate Panel

Graduate panel usually refers to surveys of the DZHW graduate survey series. The graduates are usually not only interviewed as freshly examined, but after 5 years also as (professionally integrated) career starters.


Nomenclature of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) is a hierarchical system by the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) used for the regional division of the territory of the EU.

Qualitative Data

The collection area also includes data collected using qualitative methods. The spectrum of qualitative survey methods ranges from various interview procedures (narrative, problem-centred, episodic individual and pair interviews, expert interviews, (focus) group discussions) to (participating) observations and document analysis.

Service Portal

The service portal is the area of the website through which all requests for data collection and data provision are made. Existing data users can also use the service portal to request the export of their results or to report their publications with FDZ-DZHW data.