How can I import files into the remote desktop or on-site environment?

To import files to the remote desktop or on-site system, please send an email to with your contract or application number and the files that you would like to import. After passing the data protection audit, we will provide you with the files in the import folder within your directory (see below).

If we find that the files you have sent to us do not comply with the data protection regulations or our guidelines, we will contact you.

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Imports are carried out by the FDZ-DZHW a maximum of once a week.
  • Files to be imported must not contain the following information:
    • No personal information about you or your colleagues (e.g. names). 
    • No context data containing personal data
    • No context data that make it possible to generate personal information by combining variables
  • Please keep the imported files to a reasonable number. The import of a large number of files cannot be guaranteed for resource reasons. We therefore recommend refraining from importing more than 30 files. The files should be for "active" analysis. These are mostly context datasets to add to our provided datasets or do-files/syntax files that serve the analysis.
  • Please refrain from importing files that are only for your own information and not for analysis (e.g. Word files, log files, pdf files, etc.).
  • The FDZ-DZHW will not import files for which the required software does not exist in our system.

Data provision

After the check, we will provide you with the files in the import folder and inform you by email.

Remote Desktop

Import-Folder Remote Desktop:

Import On-Site

Import-Folder On-Site: